Welcome to Xylem Surfboards!
There are many others making alaias and paipos these days,
 there's none that do it like Xylem!
Hey, I'm Josh. Since 2008, I've been all about one thing: handcrafting traditional Hawaiian alaias, paipos and Handplanes. It's just me, my tools and some wood out here. I run a very simple process of turning that wood into slidable slabs made to fit your needs. There is no corporate backing or middle man. If you want a great board from an honest shaper who seriously  loves traditional equipment,  I am him. 
 Way back in 2008, I sprouted my company in THE most beautiful place in the world, Hawaii. On the "Big Island", I was in a small Hawaiian town named Kapa'au.  Out in the grass and under a tent, I began shaping an alaia and little did I know, this would be the first of many. From the moment of my first ride on a rustic half shaped alaia I couldn't believe what I felt. It was just so fast and so fun I had to figure it all out.    
     From that point, I became immersed in surfing's' ancient history. I dug up deep in history to experience surfing as it was when it first started and strip away all the unnecessary "modern stuff" and boil surfing down to its purest form: wood, water and (a human).  I'm totally stoked for this way of surfing, and now, my goal is to share it with the world and I'm having the time of my life doing just that.
 Xylem is now based in Wilmington, NC out by the atlantic. Although my family and I are no longer in Hawaii, I am more committed to making quality boards than ever. 
And, just so you know:
All  my boards are made to be ridden in any surf. Including the small, weak and mushy waves of North Carolina! You really don't need Hawaiian waves to enjoy these boards! So it doesn't matter if you surf Malibu, Waimea or Wrightsville Beach, these boards will deliver an unforgettable experience.  I make the greenest surf craft I can by using top quality solid Paulownia wood, no toxic chemicals and by utilizing recycled materials wherever possible. I run a super lean shop with a tiny garbage can. 
And, because it feels right, all boards are totally made by hand with absolutely no power tools!
 This is an entirely different way to make surfboards and an entirely different way to enjoy the sea... 
Hawaiian Style!
So, come on in, take your shoes off and have a look around.
  a custom alaia, paipo or handplane made for you, your style and your waves!
Free Shipping anywhere in the US!
 Enjoy lower prices Spring 2014!
The Kona Model
A traditional alaia no more no less.
Price: $409.00
Length Desired:
The Kohala Model
A traditional alaia with a rounded tail
Price: $409.00
Length Desired:
The Makaha Model Alaia
The traditional alaia with a fin and fish tail rear end
Price: $409.00
Length Desired:
Do you want a skeg?:
The Malama Kai Model
A tradtional Piapo for prone gliding. Comes with tons of fun!!! FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE U.S.!
Price: $229.00
Length Desired:
The Preacher Model
A more modern paipo with a cutout tail to keep the board under you in critical situations. FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE U.S.!
Price: $229.00
Length Desired:
Model 17 Handplane
A 17" long handplane for all wave conditions FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE U.S.!
Price: $84.95
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